Committee on Physician Engagement Representation Work Group

The Physician Engagement Representation Work Group is a group of faculty physicians in the School of Medicine who are working to increase the voice and impact of physicians within UCSF Health. This work group has a representative from the Academic Senate on it, who is a member of the SOM Faculty Council.

Academic Senate Staff: Kristie Tappan  


Matthew Amans, MD, SOMFC Chair, Assoc. Professor In Residence, Clinical X, Associate, Radiology, (M) 09/01/2021 - 09/01/2022
Mia Williams, MD, MS, Hs Asst Clinical Professor, HS Clinical, Assistant, Medicine, (M) 09/01/2021 - 08/31/2022

Documents of Interest

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Recording of Dr. Katherine Van Loon's Presentation on Scribes:


Update Letter from the Working Group:

Dear UCSF Signatories to the Scribe Letter of Concern,

We write to update you on our progress with UCSF Health for increased engagement of physicians. On Nov. 1 we sent Josh Adler a proposal with the structure of a Physician Assembly, an executive committee of the Physician Assembly, regular Zoom meetings with UCSF Health leaders with concerned clinicians, and having elected representatives rather than appointed ones on standing committees of UCSF Health. We received a response from UCSF Health at the end of December, inviting 3 – 4 members of our work group to join a small Task Force with equal members from UCSF Health/Chairs/Dean’s office: the Task Force on UCSF Health Physician Engagement, Communications, and Representation. We look forward to our first meeting soon.

Our original physician clinician work group has been meeting weekly for the past 6 months while creating our proposal to UCSF Health.  This group will continue to meet every other week this year to continue our physician engagement in this process and to keep you informed, as we are going to need your input in this process. We would like to hear your thoughts as our joint proposals evolve over the next few months that when finished, will go to The UCSF Health Executive Committee. This Committee will identify which proposals should be developed and implemented.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for us as UCSF physician clinicians, to create structure and input for the best clinical environment possible for us to work in, as well as for our patients to thrive in, so please join us in this effort!

Nina Riggins, one of our physician clinician work group members and member of this new Task Force of UCSF Health, will be the point person for you to email and talk with, so please touch base with her when you have an idea! Her email is She will also update the website that our work group has under the Academic Senate for you to check, to know which issues are being discussed.

Both David Hwang and Patty Robertson have been invited to be on this Task Force by Josh Adler and Talmadge King, so will join Nina on the Task Force. We hope to be able to also include an additional member of our work group if the Task Force is 8 members rather than 6.

With hopes for progress in many areas in the New Year!


The Physician Clinician Work Group

Matthew Cooperberg
Matthew Gubens
Anna Haemel
David Hwang
Brent Kobashi
Nina Riggins
Patty Robertson
Neal Rojas
Katherine Van Loon
Mia Williams