Leadership Information and Resources

Reference Materials and Resources for Senate Leaders

1 2020-2021 Academic Senate Leadership Retreat Agenda.
2 2021-2022 Roster of Standing Committees.
3 2020-2021 Academic Senate Yearly Calendar Events  and Monthly Committee Meetings.
4 Academic Senate Overview.
5 Shared Governance by D. L. Simons (1995, 2009).
6 Organizational Chart.
7 Descriptions of Standing Committees and Faculty Councils.
8 Campus Review Process per the Compendium.
9 Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction Communication re: Basic Parliamentary Procedures (09/18/04.)
10 Committee Management Overview.

Reports and Resources

2014 Compendium: Universitywide Review Processes for Academic Programs, Academic Units, & Research Units.
2013 Space Planning - Faculty Concerns About the Activity-Based Workplace Planned for the Mission Bay Academic Building and Beyond.
2013 UCSF Academic Senate Membership.
2012 UCSF Open Access.