Committee On Research
Shared Instrument Grant

Applications for the Academic Senate Individual Investigator Grants and Shared Instrument Grants are submitted via the UCSF Resource Allocation Program (RAP) website:


Application Deadline Posted on the RAP Website
Award Range Shared Equipment/Instrument Grant – up to $35,000
Cycle Funds must be expended within 6 months from date of award
Contact Emy Volpe, RAP Program Administrator
Tel: 415 514-6208
Fax: 415 514-8212
Links History or the Shared Equiment Grant
Application Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications approximately twelve weeks after deadline date.

Please note: Title to or ownership of all University property or material is vested in the Regents of the University of California, a Corporation. Without exception, equipment/instrument purchased with funds from the Academic Senate, Committee on Research remains the property of the Regents of the University of California and cannot be transferred from the University.  If awarded funding, principal investigators must provide the Academic Senate Office with all documents showing proof of purchase for equipment/instrument purchased with Academic Senate Grant Funds prior to, or by the grant expiration date.  (Include completed purchase order(s), invoice(s), purchase requisitions and receipts.)  All equipment/instrument must be assigned a Custody Code of 0026 (Property of the Academic Senate).

Funding is based on priority scores and other factors and on the availability of funds in specialty areas

The Committee on Research invites applications for funds to supplement the purchase of equipment/instrument, including related software for investigators who demonstrate a compelling need. These grants are intended for large and/or costly specialized items of equipment/instrument that will significantly and directly enhance research opportunities but cannot be purchased with ordinary sources of support.


In order to qualify for submission, an application must have three or more independent investigators (not necessarily in the same department). An investigator cannot be listed on more than one application.  (It is the responsibility of the primary applicant to verify with all investigators listed as co-applicants to ensure this.) Consideration is generally given to large groups of investigators with partial or matching departmental funds. Meeting all criteria for funding does not guarantee an award.

Who’s Eligible: UCSF Faculty who are salaried at 50% or more than full time in the ladder-rank, in-residence, clinical X, adjunct, clinical or research series as well as appointees in the librarian series.

Who’s Not Eligible: UCSF Faculty who are not salaried at 50% or more of full time, visiting professors, residents, fellows, postdoctoral, graduate, undergraduate students and staff.

Purposes for Which Funds Cannot Be Used: The purchase of fax machines, copiers, telecommunication equipment/instrument, and equipment/instrument intended for CORE use and subject to recharges will not be funded.*

How to Apply

Please see the RAP Website for the components of the online application and the application form.

* Please note: Whereas the purchase of equipment/instrument for Core use and subject to recharges is specifically disallowed, shared costs for maintenance and materials is allowed.